Monthly Archives: April 2013

Government for the PEOPLE…

Well, it is Wednesday again and time for me to rant and rave about how we should change politics in this country and what I would do if I was in power. After the harrowing days of last week, which started to look like a Michal Bay movie with all of the explosions, I thought […]

Regulators…mount up!

On most Sundays I am sitting around the house recuperating from a hard week at work and pondering how I can improve my stock in life, but mainly just recuperating. I try not to dwell too much on the fact I have TWO Bachelor Degrees and a genius level IQ. Well, genius per Pleasant Grove […]

Hot for teachers…

Unless you have been living under a rock you probably already know that our country has been subjected to another terrorist attack. Though the culprit is still at large and so far unknown to all it is assured that this was a cowardly act perpetrated by a small minded individual or individuals. I know it […]

What was I talking about again…

Welcome to another week of my ramblings on how Texas can once again be the greatest state in the United States and lead our nation into the future as a shining beacon of inspiration to other countries. That is, instead of what we are doing now which is acting like an anchor holding everyone back […]

X’s and O’s

Well, this week I shall actually get down to talking about my ideas of how the Democratic Party can increase it’s presence in the state of Texas. Keep in mind, these are my own ramblings and in no way, shape or form the official strategy of the Democratic Party…but they should be. No, I am […]