Mad as hell and not taking it anymore….




Happy Hump Day Banditos!!!

Well, it has been a while since I have written. There really wasn’t much I thought I should talk about and I really didn’t have the energy to say much of anything. It has been a tough couple of weeks at work due to more personnel issues. We may have fewer workers but Rick Perry and the GOP have insured there is no shortage of poor Texans to help.

The last few days though have been a political roller coaster and I couldn’t sit idly by and not say something. Especially with Texas being so prominent in the news.

Thing is, where to begin. There are so many HUGE things going on right now.

First off, we should give big props to our brothers and sisters down in Austin last night, way to make some noise. It is high time that the nation and the world be made privilege to the “special” kind of politics we have to endure here in Texas. The Republicans showed everyone that they would go to ANY lengths to win and have it their way. That includes breaking the law on national TV and on a live stream on the Internet. Of course I am referring to them trying to wind back the clock on the minutes so it looks like they passed the bill before midnight.

Lt. Governor Douchebag, I mean Dewhurst, need to be arrested and impeached. Immediately. What he did was unethical and did I mention AGAINST THE LAW!

I would love to see how smug he is behind bars. Maybe we can put him in one of our lovely private owned prisons so he can rub shoulders with the many Texans him and Gubernor Good Hair want to deny voting rights to now that the Voting Rights Act has been demolished and we have been transported back to the 1950’s.

It seems like the only agenda of the Republicans and their Teabagger brown shirt stooges is to take away someone’s rights. Whether that be the voting right of minorities, the marrying right of homosexuals or the reproductive rights of women, it does not matter unless it has to do with white men being able to own a gun and having the right to put down everyone else.


Mr. Douchebag, err Dewhurst, you are correct about one thing, this is far from over.

When ten of thousands of people show up at the steps of the capitol building they are not an “angry mob”. Those would be angry Texans and most importantly angry TEXAS WOMEN. Consider you and your ilk on notice; war has begun.

This state has always been plagued by a low voter turnout but I sure as hell guarantee you that you have awoken a sleeping giant. If those thousands of angry men and women are willing to drive a couple of hours to stand around for a day listening to the lovely Wendy Davis filibuster than you better know that they have the resolve to go home and organize. The citizens have spoken and you have ignored them for the last time.

We will not rest until every last un American bigot asshole in the Republican party is run out of this state. We have had enough.

The obstructionism at the national level and the blatant disregard to rights and procedures at the state level must be answered in kind. A very clear message must be sent to those snakes in Austin that we will not wait until 2014 and that their days are numbered.

No amount of filibustering or Jim Crow laws will be enough to overcome the backlash they are creating with their actions. Do they think people are that stupid?

 My fellow progressives, we have won some victories but there will be dark days ahead. But never give up hope.

I am not advocating a single party government but I am saying we must strive for a government free of the Republican Party. In the past 30 years they have stood for nothing but advancement of the rich and to hell with everyone else. They will be reminded that this is a government for the people and by the people, there will be a lot more “angry mobs” in Austin until every last one of them is either behind bars or out of office.

This is not about partisan politics; this is about being American and removing a cancer from our system. This is a question of survival. They have already made their intentions known; they want a one party system. The GOP must be demolished and the criminals in charge of it must be brought to trial.

You can’t say you hate the government and then say you are a patriotic American that loves this country. The government IS the country.

OH, and the first order of business when this state is turned blue. We are going to legalize gay marriage. The Supreme Court ruling may not have made all discrimination against gays unconstitutional but it did mean that once a law is passed saying they can marry you can’t do a damn thing about it. Maybe the world will be done a great service that day when every single one of you bigoted pricks has a heart attack from getting so angry.

Texas would be a much nicer place without you.




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