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“In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.”


Those aren’t my words and they were not even written this century, but the truth in them still rings correctly. They are the thoughts of the great author and socialist George Orwell. In work for a novel I am in the process of writing I have been doing research into the life and times of George Orwell and have been finding it extremely fascinating. I have also been finding it disturbingly familiar.


There was no secret about Orwell’s political leanings, though I do remember my English teacher in High School trying to inform us that Animal Farm was anti-communist. Well, yes, in a way. It was specifically anti-Stalinist, which Orwell thought was closer to fascism than true Communism.


You can’t really say someone is anti-Communist when he fought for the communists in the Spanish Civil War, which is the part of his life I have been focusing on for my book. No, the book is not about Orwell and actually takes place in modern times, well the near future if things don’t change drastically.


Also, 1984 was a warning of what would happen in a fascist country. Strange how the right has morphed that into something liberals want.


Though the quote was written in 1946 it is a reflection of his life up to that point, from when he went to fight the fascists in Spain in 1937 through the Second World War to the start of the Cold War. Let us say he had a busy life and a humble one, he expressly forbade anyone writing a biography about him after his death. Funny how left wing, socialist types are like that. The power crazed right wing zealots write most of the self-serving biographies and memoirs. Not to say there are no biographies about liberals, they tend not to be sanctioned by the person and is done in respect.


Anyway, the point of this discussion on Orwell is the similarities in his day and ours. I am specifically speaking about the polarity in this country. All the talk lately has been about who is a Leftist and who is on the Right, who is a Socialist or who is a Fascist, Democratic or Republican. Everything sounds like Europe in the 1930’s and we all know how that ended.


Or did it end?


Unlike the Cold War, World War 2 wasn’t necessarily fought based on any specific ideology other than Nationalism.  It was not a fight against Communism and Capitalism that the Cold War was supposedly about, though you can argue that the Soviet Union really wasn’t communist and the United States at the time wasn’t really capitalist.


We really didn’t start becoming hyper capitalistic until the 1980’s and Reaganomics began to idolize big business. Undue to the right wing love affair of Reagan and them trying to say he  defeated those “communist” Russians all by himself, he did nothing of the sort. I especially love the over simplistic idea that he out spent them into bankruptcy. No, but he did a bang up job of ruining our economy. The Soviet Union did what all autocracies due eventually; they fall from within due to rampant cronyism and ineptness.

It is ironic that our own country would start turning into an autocracy as well; fitting that we would invent our own that to this point I have been unable to find a name for. Some strange hybrid cross between a corporate oligarchy and a religious state, each exerting a huge influence over the masses. One can only say the writing was on the wall when large corporations who wished to monopolize it slowly bought up the media, a democracy’s greatest tool. If we are to reverse this dangerous course these must be broken up, but I am afraid it is too late.


The nation is far too polarized at this point and only requires a catalyst to ignite the whole thing. It took Lincoln being elected to start the last Civil War and it almost came down to another president winning to start a new one. Fascists HATE losing power and will shoot themselves in a bunker before admitting defeat.


Yet, we didn’t see they still had a few more political cards up their sleeves. Who knew they would start the next assault on our freedoms by using the courts, the very institutions meant to protect our freedoms. Don’t believe me, just watch the news to validate this claim.


Of course the BIGGEST thing right now is the case against George Zimmerman, which I will not get into because that is being discussed ad nauseum. Suffice to say the only thing I will mention is it is part of the bigger picture. Does it really take a stretch of the imagination to think that this opens the way for armed vigilante militias roaming the streets in the south?


I could be paranoid, but don’t be too surprised if it happens. This case opens the way for “neighborhood watch” groups to start arming themselves. The right wing nuts have already shown they have no qualms about marching around with their phallic extensions, this gives them license to use them on people they find “dangerous”.


No, I will not say anymore than that about the show trial in Florida. Instead, why don’t we discuss things happening in another court that isn’t getting near as much press? The Supreme Court has given another group license to kill. I am referring to the pharmaceutical companies, you know, big business. Turns out they can’t be sued by the common folk anymore if they have side effects from the poison they make to put in your body. To make it more disgusting they were ruling on off brands saying the FDA is enough of a protection for people. You know, the same FDA that was gutted by George W. Bush and became a rubber stamp for large drug companies.


Not like it has improved under the administration of Obama.


I really don’t blame him so much as others on our side; we can’t be decisive at this point. He has had the worst Congress in history blocking EVERY effort to progress this nation. If the Teabaggers keep the status quo or win more seats in the next election then it is effectively game over. We cannot survive another two years of inactivity from the legislative branch? The country has basically been in total shut down with no real legislation being passed for the past two years.


With the realization that ALEC is dictating the entire political agenda of the far right you can better understand what is going on. The big corporations want the government to crumble so they can put up their own. Trust me, it won’t be a nice place when that happens because they tend to form dictatorships. One person is far easier to control than several hundred.


Also, with our wars over seas winding down we need a new war to fight. What better idea than start that war here, you don’t have to pay expensive shipping charges.


ALEC’s idea for border security and the answer to immigration reform is hiring 46,000 border “agents” with military training and military level weaponry and equipment. Sounds like overkill, even more so when you realize that net immigration with Mexico right now is zero. They are no longer crossing the border except to reunite with family already over here. We have 14 million undocumented aliens already in our country, why do we need a small army to keep anyone out? They are already here.


How much you want to bet that those 46,000 soldiers will be state controlled and given to right wing bastions like Arizona and Texas?


It was easy for the Confederacy to raise an army in the 1860’s since there really wasn’t a United States Army at the time. Defense was left up to the states starting regiments from militia and volunteers. The state funded costs for uniforms, weapons and training, which is why you had no uniform system and one regiment could look totally different from the next. Some units in the North even dressed in what people would come to recognize as Southern browns and grays, while the south had units in blue.


Anyway, after the Civil War this practice was ended and the only government that can have a military is the federal one. Even state national guards have federal training and equipped with older equipment handed down by the active and reserve forces.


This undoubtedly put a wrinkle in the Southern plans to secede after Obama took office. Can’t start a war if you don’t have an army.


Still don’t believe me and think this is paranoia? Should I put on my tin foil hat? I would tend to say that about right wing nuts with conspiracy theories, but theirs are usually not based on facts.


Here is a scary fact for you, when Obama took office there were 149 militias. As of 2012 there are now 1200. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out where most of them are. These are right wing groups, many of them Christian, who are training in para military exercises on the weekends. Try to go buy a box of ammunition in .223 calibers from Wal Mart right now, or anywhere for that matter except for mail order bulk orders. There are none, they are sold out. For those who are not gun savvy, that is the ammunition used in the assault rifle sold at Wal Mart and used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. It is also the standard ammunition for the US military and NATO forces.


Remember the right-wingers saying that the federal government is stockpiling this ammunition to keep it from them? Yeah, the government has its own suppliers so that makes no sense. Someone is buying up bullets though.


The 1 % has the money to buy an army for their “revolution” and thousands of willing zealots to fill the ranks. The question is, are they doing it? Everything indicates they might be doing just that.


I am going to say one more thing about Zimmerman’s trial to tie this all together. Ask yourself where he got the money to pay for two high paid attorneys and expensive expert witnesses. The man hasn’t paid a dime for this thanks to the big businesses protecting the law they had passed.


ALEC wrote the stand your ground and castle laws. Presumably they did this to increase gun sales and NRA membership. I feel they did it for far more sinister motives.


I suggest people start reading about the Spanish Civil War, IF things degenerate further then that is exactly what we are looking at. A proving ground for the latest weapons at the expense of the common people who were nothing more than targets and operators.

Either we are headed for bloody conflict or I should stop reading so much into what is going on. I feel that I probably am not alone in thinking like this. If I am right, is it too late or have we reached the point of no return?

So many questions…keep safe my friends. We are being attacked and most don’t even know it.


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