Monthly Archives: August 2013

Call to Arms…

As you can tell, I don’t hold my tongue, err fingers, when it comes to pointing out the flaws of conservatives. The troll in me loves the game. Yet, I want people to understand this, I am not an ass kisser.   If I see something wrong in my own party I will point it […]

…and the clown is still crying!

Yesterday I made the state of Texas, the United States and the world aware of Mr. Lou Gigliotti and his “bid” for the office of US Representative for Congressional District 4 in Texas. Let us call that a warm up because the fine gentleman decided to delete my posts on his site to avoid bad […]

The day the clown cried…

It is August in Texas. The temperature is in the triple digits, parents wait anxiously for their kids to go back to school, football teams are starting their fall practices, and with an election year looming political hopefuls are starting their campaigns. Just like the creepy cicadas that come out every few years to mate, […]