…and the clown is still crying!


Yesterday I made the state of Texas, the United States and the world aware of Mr. Lou Gigliotti and his “bid” for the office of US Representative for Congressional District 4 in Texas. Let us call that a warm up because the fine gentleman decided to delete my posts on his site to avoid bad press and continues to make a fool of himself. He wrote the following:

Gigliotti For Congress Tim, it appears that you have no content other than name calling so you will have to go find a left wing thread to join.
BUT just so you know, in WWll Hitlers Germany was the SOCIALIST government, which is LEFT wing. Have a great day”

No content? Name calling?

Sir I provided more content then you have provided on your entire website and you are supposed to be wooing my vote. Since you like clowns so much I have decided that henceforth I shall call you BOZO. For starters, I am sick of trying to type out your name. Second, your affinity for clowns is most undoubtedly from the fact you are a clown. Also, I guess name calling is completely fine as long as it is directed at the president and you are dressed as a clown or are a Republican.

Let us begin round 2 of your schooling with a brief history lesson since none of your brainwashed drones wish to do so.

From Wikipedia we have the following excerpt explaining Nazism.

Nazism, or National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), is the ideology and practice associated with the 20th century German Nazi Party and state as well as other related far-right groups. Usually characterized as a form of fascism that incorporates biological racism and anti-Semitism, Nazism originally developed from the influences of pan-Germanism, the Völkisch German nationalist movement and the anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary culture in post-First World War Germany, which many nationalists felt had been humiliated by the Versailles treaty. Prior to the emergence of the Nazi party, other right-wing figures had argued for a nationalist recasting of “socialism”, as a reactionary alternative to both internationalist Marxist socialism and liberal capitalism.

It seems that you are seeing the word SOCIALISM in the title of the National Socialist Workers Party and thinking it really means SOCIALIST. On the contrary, it is a ruse. The NATIONAL in the front of it nullifies any socialist meaning in the title, as mentioned in the excerpt. You see, fascism has always had a negative connotation to it so a group isn’t going to come out and call themselves FASCISTS. The National Socialist Workers Party had a nicer ring to it than, National Fascist CEO’s Party. You know, it is like calling one self a “companionate conservative” or “constitutional conservative” or any type of conservative. You are not conserving anything, you want to go backwards. Much like fascism is the opposite of socialism, the alter ego of progress is regression. I wouldn’t expect a mental child like you to understand that concept. Hell, my nine year old daughter has a better grasp of social and economic issues.

Now, I would imagine that someone who went to college and became a certified teacher, even one trained in math, would have a rudimentary knowledge of world history and would KNOW that the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler were right wing and extremely fascist. I could only imagine that you keep propagating this lie to confuse your uneducated tea bag followers who, when asked, can’t even give a valid definition or tell the differences between fascist, socialist or communist.

So, you really are ignorant as hell or you are lying your ass off. Both of which make you ill-suited for public office. Looking at your website, I believe you are a liar and ignorant.

First off, you state you aren’t a rich man. I would imagine a “successful’ race car driver and business owner who can donate $25000 each year is by no means poor. The median per capita income of the state of Texas is lower than that. Again, you either have a warped sense of what rich is or you are lying.

For someone who says he doesn’t want to be a career politician you are sounding like one. I expect as much from someone who says he wants change at the same time he is quoting Ronald Reagan.

Well Bozo, this educated man isn’t fooled and I will make sure no one else in this district with half a brain isn’t fooled either.

Now let us take a look at your “policies” and “promises”.

Immigration and Border Control:

I especially love your idea of building a East German like wall on our border to keep people out. Three problems with this that I can see right from the beginning, I am sure there are more. First off, this flies in the face of that whole smaller government thing doesn’t it? I mean, this wall would be longer than the one in China and would cost A LOT of taxpayer money. Second, that wall in Germany isn’t there no more. Why, cause it was a bad idea and the people tore it down. Walls create barriers and resentment, you might want to look into the psychological meanings of walls but that requires you to study “touchy feeling stuff”.  Lastly, if you cared to look up anything without pulling shit out of your ass, you would know that immigration right now is at NET ZERO. The number leaving equals the number coming in. There is no immigration problem except the one in your head.

Also, if you bothered to do research you would know that undocumented aliens can’t get Medicaid or Food Stamps or any other benefits. They are getting it for their children who are US Citizens. Are you suggesting we strip citizenship from their children because their parents came here without telling anyone? Oh, while we are talking about this, they are not ILLEGAL. Illegal would mean that they were served papers by the state department informing them their stay here is over and they have to go home. In other words, they are being deported. Again you seem to be confusing terms; undocumented is not the same as illegal.  Again, I would expect a teacher to know better, but I guess we know why you went into driving a car in circles after two years of teaching.

Quit candy coating it, you hate Mexicans. By god if anyone is going to work for slave wages in Texas it is going to be Americans. Am I right?


Nothing sounds better to the uneducated masses of tea billies than saying you want to abolish the IRS. Well Bozo, who the hell is going to collect the taxes? Oh I know, you want to privatize that too. There is no one I trust more with my money than a greedy business. We have all seen what they do with our tax money now, I can’t fathom if they controlled the actual collection of it.

This section has got to be the dumbest one on your website. Frankly, it hurts my head thinking of the total chaos your “plan” would unleash.

You are right, there needs to be some changes to taxes. Rich people need to start paying more. You know, people like YOU.

Second Amendment Gun Rights:

Ok Bozo, you conservatives seem to have a problem with reading stuff. So let me put it here for you in its entirety.

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


Are you part of a militia? No. Then I think gun laws are very much open for debate. Also, the constitution is a living document subject to change, which is why jerk offs like you can’t own REAL slaves. So, the issue is very much up for debate. Moving on.


Drill baby drill! Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, from career politicians John McCain and Sarah Palin. For someone who wants to buck the establishment you sound an awful like them. Regardless of how ridiculous it sounds.

Drill here? We are running out of oil HERE. That is why they are resorting to fracking. Even the word sounds dirty.

I guess “Drill baby drill” sounds catchier than any slogan you can come up for green, renewable energy. Besides, none of that exists right. I mean, it is voodoo science to think there is the HUGE resource of unlimited energy that is just going to fall out of the sky and power our cites. Oh wait, we actually DO have a source of unlimited energy that literally falls out of the sky and bakes the brains of clowns like you. I am talking about the Sun of course.

Before you say that we are decades away from that you should, again, look it up. Germany has been doing it for some time. They also have better health care, better transportation and better infrastructure. Ah, if only we could kick the right wing fascists out of our country. To think of what we could do.

We would be progressing, that is what we would be doing. Which is the opposite of that which you recommend, which is REGRESSING.

For the next few I shall summarize:

Abortion: Of course you are against it you’re a conservative. Please don’t call yourself pro life though, that would mean you actually care about the babies when they are born.

Military: You are not for soldiers; you are for the companies that make the weapons. I expect you to NEVER uphold this promise.

Healthcare: Uhm, as with most of the crap you say, this one isn’t even remotely true. I’m tired of pandering to the lazy, you can Google it yourself Bozo. Here is a hint; we aren’t even in the top 10.

Social Security: Another nugget you pulled from your ass. I guess the statistic that prior to Social Security being implement 80% of seniors lived in poverty. Now it is 10%. Again, that would require you to stop lying and actually looking up FACTS. I am beginning to see a trend though with what government programs you want to cut.

Environment: Last on the list of stupid ideas is this gem. You want to dismantle the EPA. I guess clear air and water are over rated. I have seen some extreme ideas form you teabag clowns, but this one pretty much takes the cake.

I guess it makes total sense the owner of racecar team with a “win at all cost” mentality would hate rules. With such a cavalier attitude towards having to obey them I believe any organization you have race teams on should immediately investigate your cars. You should probably think about taking some time off because the fumes are making you crazy.

Axe the EPA! That has got to be single most idiotic thing on your website.

Never mind that all of the government programs you want to get rid of help the common people. Please be truthful for once, who is it you want to represent?

To say your ideas would not work would be a vast understatement. They would be downright destructive if ever implemented. The majority of Texans would agree with me.

It appears that you took every cliché, ridiculous argument the Tea Party has made and slapped it on your website with no real rhyme or reason.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to bow out even though you have no chance in hell of winning. No, on the contrary, take every teabillie voter with you. The more voting for you will be less voting for Mr. Hall. Here is one thing we will both agree on, but for different reason, he has been in office way too damn long.

You and every other teabagger nut job will only help dilute the field and usher in a Democrat whose only campaign promise has to be “I am not bat shit crazy like these clowns.”

Since you race cars you should understand that if you are making right turns you are going the wrong way. Always turn LEFT if you want to progress.

Don’t screw with The Bandit!


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