Call to Arms…


As you can tell, I don’t hold my tongue, err fingers, when it comes to pointing out the flaws of conservatives. The troll in me loves the game. Yet, I want people to understand this, I am not an ass kisser.


If I see something wrong in my own party I will point it out. Which brings me to this week’s rant.


There is one thing I totally despise in this world and that is being ignored. That is exactly how I have been feeling when it comes to contacting the Democratic Party representatives in this part of Texas.


Every day I see rallying cries to turn Texas blue. There is one fundamental flaw in this, there has been too much emphasis on the larger cities.


Look, we control the urban areas and the Republicans are content with allowing that. Why you may ask. Simple, votes don’t win your cause, representatives do. They may represent a smaller population but they have a larger number of representatives at all levels.


A lot of this is gerrymandering, but some of it is just flat out laziness on the Democrat’s side. If you want to win in the rural areas you got to work for it.


The votes are there, trust me, they are there. But if you don’t go out and make a presence they are not going to land in your lap. They are going to stay home because they think it is no use.


Not only do we not have a presence but we also don’t have a candidate that I am aware of in my neck of the woods.


This is ridiculous.


Want to know the big secret to Republican success; it isn’t money, which just makes it easier for them. No, the reason they kick our pants is they are more organized than us by people way more fired up, dead wrong, but passionate. If you say anything about them, it is this. Like little lemmings they will follow each other over a cliff to prove their point.


Looking at the Texas Democratic website you can get a sense that there is some organization, but it is in, as mentioned earlier, the larger cities.


Also, breaking down the structure by counties is asinine in such a heavily gerrymandered state. In my opinion it should be broken down by congressional district. US Congressional District 4 for example covers SIXTEEN counties. Each one of those counties has their own Democratic Chair and NONE of them coordinate with each other.


I’ve tried contacting the one here in Bowie County and haven’t’ received ONE email reply. They are not active on Facebook, Twitter or have a website one can go to learn anything about our policies.


This is unacceptable for a party that bills itself as intellectual.


This last weekend we had the annual New Boston, TX Frontier Days. Lou “The Clown” Gigliotti had a booth there. If Bozo can have a booth why couldn’t the Democratic Party? Apathy and laziness, that is why.


I don’t know if Jasmine Crockett, the head of the Democratic Party in Bowie County, has not returned my requests for information out of technical issues or she is ignoring them, but when someone is volunteering to help you should see what they want.


Seeing how we have absolutely no presence in this county then it is easy for someone to come up with the conclusion that Mrs. Crockett really doesn’t care. Someone passionate, like me, would be trying to bridge the counties in this area together and organizing grass roots effort. Not ignoring emails from people volunteering their time.


Which brings me to MY suggestions, which I am sure will go ignored by everyone but my lovely readers. I’m pointing at you Texas Democratic Party Facebook page; you haven’t answered any of my concerns about the chairs not taking crap seriously either.


First, we need to organize, with or without the consent of the county chairs. For my area, I propose the founding of the I-30 Democrats Club. I chose the name because Interstate 30 dominates the district and is the lifeblood of commerce in this area. It runs right down the middle of the district and most of the major towns are located on it.


Second, we need to get out there and make our presence felt. We need to be just as aggressive as Republicans and counter them at every opportunity. When one of them makes a stupid statement one of us needs to be there to point it out.


Third, appeal to the area. This is rural Texas and we need to keep that in mind. Make God, Guns and Gays a moot point so Republicans can’t use it against us. Make the distinction that Democrats think government should police the actions of those trying to take advantage of the common people as opposed to what the Republicans want, which is policing the actions of people. Small government is government that stays out of the bedroom and out of religions. It is not the government’s job to define marriage and it is not the person’s right to discriminate on personal ideals.


Lastly, play to our strengths. One thing that caught my eye this last week was a novel suggestion. Women vote predominantly Democratically, but many have husbands or boyfriends that vote for Republicans. Now I don’t normally consent to using sex as a weapon, but if you are the devious type you can always take these next words to heart. My father, which I have had my fair share of fights with over political differences, he’s a card carrying NRA member if that tells you anything, does have some pearls of wisdom. Albeit crass and unrefined, typical of the rural area we have come from. Anyway, he sat me down one day when I was in my teens and told me a secret to happiness. He said, “Son, if you listen to anything I say let it be this. Women control half the money in the world and all the pussy. If you piss one off they will cut off both. So is it better to be happy or right?” He would then go into the house and start a fight with my mother, the irony of living in a conservative bubble. I, however, thought about that idea and it popped in my head after seeing this suggestion. If Republicans want to wage a war on women then women should embargo that which men want. What better way of telling someone who votes Republican that the only person who decides what goes in and out of that are is YOU.


Look, we can’t have you voting for a Democrat and them effectively canceling your vote when they go in the booth. So, tell them it is their right to vote for whoever they want, but you will not be giving up the goods to someone who doesn’t support YOU.


We have to start somewhere. So who is with me?


Please feel free to try and contact the chairs of the various counties and feel free to contact me as well if you have any luck. For those that are not in this district, but have the same problems, start your own clubs as well. Through networking and word of mouth we can get this thing to grow. We don’t have much time to effect 2014, but we can start making some waves. RURAL DEMOCRATS UNITE!

Democratic County Parties. If you live in any of these green counties then look up your chair and try to contact them.



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  1. Toni McNulty · · Reply

    Good post! I feel your pain, living as I do just south of District 4 in Wood County. There is no Democratic presence here either. The head of the party here has not responded to my offer to set up a website, establish a presence on social media, and assist in other ways. I’m not giving up.

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