I am a TEXAN. That does not mean I blindly vote for Republicans who do NOT represent me because they dangled a carrot in front of my nose. I am not scared of what will happen if homosexuals marry or if there is stricter legislation on guns to keep them out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable. I don’t CARE how often you go to church or how often you tell people you are a “christian”. None of that puts cloths on my kids’ backs or food in their bellies. Those useless talking points don’t put money in my pocket or gives me sound mind when I go to bed at night. I, like the MAJORITY of TEXANS, see those for what they are, smoke and mirrors. Our problem is that a small group is allowed to run this state into the ground from Austin and make us all look like fools in Washington DC. How do we keep letting them do this, because there are no choices when we go to the polling booth. If you have voted in Texas, especially the rural parts of the state, you will have a choice between a Republican and a Libertarian. Sometimes a Democrat will run but he is too busy trying to say how much like the Republican he is. THERE IS NO CHOICE. This is my goal. This is why I have decided to start a blog. Perhaps I can contribute a little to start a grass-roots movement in this state. I do not have money, but I have a voice and a mind. Will anything come from it, no one can say. But it is better to have tried and failed then never to have tried.

Who am I?

My name is Timothy House. I’m 36 years old, married to a beautiful wife name Kat (yes her name is Kat House), and have two wonderful children named Lydia and DJ. I was born and raised in East Texas, specifically Texarkana, TX. If you went any further east you would be in Arkansas. I currently live in a small little town outside of Texarkana so you can say I know a little bit about the rural ways of Texas.

My family has lived in the Four States area, mainly East Texas and Western Arkansas since before the Civil War. My family roots in this region run deep. From my mother’s side of the family who were predominantly farmers until World War 2 to my father’s side who were German immigrants heading west and Native Americans who didn’t quit make it to Oklahoma while on the Trail of Tears. My like your typical rural families, mine has been through it all in this region.

As for me, I haven’t lived here my WHOLE life. For six years I lived in Lubbock, TX getting my education at Texas Tech University. A school I love so much I decided to get TWO Bachelor Degrees. At least that is what I tell folks when they ask why I have two. The real reason is more mundane. My wife was tired of waiting to start a family and didn’t want to wait for me to get a PhD in Archaeology. So, after getting my first degree in Anthropology I took the few extra courses needed to get another degree in History along with a Teaching Certificate. Everything was going to be roses. Except for one small things.

I received my last degree in 2004. That was when the economy started turning sour, which thanks to Rick Perry, hit Texas first and hardest. Schools who were hurting to find teachers ended up being in a position they couldn’t retain the ones they had. Teachers were laid off and classes consolidated. Being a history teacher fresh out of college I saw a sure deal of working for the school I did my student teaching turn into a nightmare when it was explained they had to choose between a science teacher or a history teacher. So they chose science and gave the COACHES more classes. Hearing from others, this was a common theme across the state.

My wife, who had been supporting us while I went to school, was not spared from this downturn. She worked for Texas Tech University and with a mandate to cut 8% of spending she found her job on the chopping block as well. Our futures looked so bright but ended up being nightmares. We had to pack our bags and head back home so we could live with family. Thank goodness we had some that could come to our aide unlike so many other unfortunately Texans.

Well, to make a long story short (I know…too late) we ended up finding work. Though it doesn’t nearly pay as much as we were hoping, it did allow us to buy a house and get out from my parents roof. With all the GOOD businesses in this part of the state closing down we ended up in a job with some security. We are now working for Texas HHSC.

Which at this point I must make the mandatory disclaimer, “The views expressed on this site are mine alone and don’t necessarily reflect the views of HHSC.”

It has been here that we have worked helping the citizens of this great state who can not care for themselves. A job that I have had for the past seven years. A job I originally took thinking this would be a temporary thing until I could find something in teaching. Needless to say, nothing has come up and my Teaching Certificate has expired.

So, here I am now. I may not have much, but I have a brain and I have a voice. I will use them both to try and change this state for the better.


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